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If you have a passion for new surprises by mingling with local people, enjoying breataking landscape in rural paradises , or learning from new cultures and traditions, come with us on our nature & discovery tours guided by our most excellent local experts.  We will help you to forge a new path, and lead you to find new way other than the classics to discover authentic Vietnam.



Take a lifetime journey up and down the length of Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh and all the gems in between. Go beyond what guidebooks say with this exclusive itinerary and delve into a country awash with culture and charm.

Tour code : GED14

Duration : 12 Days - 11 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


An in-depth journey that covers almost all the sites in the Northern land of Vietnam, offers you the truest experiences of local life and Vietnam’s most outstanding features during an 11-day adventure. 

Once in a blue moon chance to explore from the dreamy ancient atmosphere in Mai Chau and Ninh Binh while mingling with the local people to learn more about an S-shaped country with its remarkable history and rich culture. 

Moreover, get yourself indulged in the number one and only Ha Long Bay on a cruise before heading to the exotic Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang and the peaceful Ba Be National Park which are seen as the rural paradises home to the Tay and Nung ethnic minority for ages. 

Tour code : GED13

Duration : 11 Days - 1 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


Over incredible three days, experience Mekong Delta on an unforgettable journey with a mix of religious locations, unbelievable natural sites, and inspiration of a local life.

Tour code : GED12

Duration : 3 Days - 2 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


This chance takes you to a one-week journey to discover Hanoi to the fullest.

From the charming Hanoi capital with amazing culture to awesome food, follow the trails leading to suburban villages to get closer views of the local communities. 

Opting for this package means you will witness a totally different side of Hanoi - no traffic jams, no noise, and no pollution. Instead, we offer the true “Hanoi” with a chain of ancient houses and warm-hearted people with the brightest smiles you've ever met. Then, welcome to Ninh Binh Province, a former capital owning a breathtaking landscapes and historical values. 

The last destination is a relaxing cruise in the middle of the lesser-touristy Bai Tu Long Bay which is famous as one of the new seven wonders of the world.

Tour code : GED11

Duration : 6 Days - 5 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


This is undoubtedly the perfect choice for any nature-hungry travelers. The trip is designed to grant you an unparalleled experience in the recessed land of Northeastern Vietnam.

Are you ready to admire the spectacular sceneries of emerald rice fields, unique karst mountains, wonderful untouched cultural features in Ha Giang and the vast variety of flora and fauna species in Ba Be Lake as well as the grand panorama of Ban Gioc Waterfall? If so, take this trip and you will never be disappointed.

Tour code : GED10

Duration : 6 Days - 5 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


Are you down for a really thrilling excursion? Then this package is customized just for you!

This is a 5-day vacation that takes you wonders by wonders from the remote mountainous paradise to a romantic cruise break in non-touristy Bai Tu Long Bay. Pick this as a chance to discover the timeless charm of Northeastern Vietnam from mountain to beach, harmonize with both the hospitality of woodmen and fishermen to admire the landscape and people of the so-called “Pearl of Indochina”.

Tour code : GED09

Duration : 5 Days - 4 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


Ha Giang and Ba Be Lake, though seem to be lesser-known than Sapa, but they, in fact, the truly must-see off-beat spots if you travel to Northern Vietnam.

This short trip brings you a full discovery of both splendid landscapes and unique culture in these epic regions. The package promises to warm your soul with the peaceful and rusted life of the remote Tay, Hmong and Yao villages or the charming tranquility from Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark to Ba Be National Park. Without a doubt, you will be blown away by what the gorgeous nature and friendly locals have to offer.

Tour code : GED08

Duration : 4 Days - 3 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


Specially designed for travelers who are seeking for unique experiences in a hidden rural paradise. It is truly a perfect harmony of discovery and retreat.

Depart from Hanoi and head northward to the romantic Ba Be Lake, a hidden gem in the heart of Ba Be National Park. This is where you get to have some short conversations with the Tay ethnic minority and discover their traditional daily life. After that, get ready to be hypnotized by the incredible Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang and warmly welcomed by the indigenous Nung people settling down at this site. Some say: “To travel is not only to see the land but also to feel it”. This turns out to be so true with this excursion. Join us on this trip and you will never be disappointed.

Tour code : GED07

Duration : 4 Days - 3 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


Forget the hectic vibe of Hanoi and get your vacation started in the regions of peace, beauty and exotic inspiration. The tour is highlighted in the hilly Northwestern localities of Vietnam, where you depart from the dreamy Mai Chau to the historical Dien Bien Phu. After that, have a short chit-chat with local Hmong ethnic people in Lai Chau before ending up in the charming and dewy Sapa.

Tour code : GED06

Duration : 6 Days - 5 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


Pick this trip if you're into an ideal 3-day excursion and travel to the fullest with the authentic beauty of Northern Vietnam. What you are offered by this package is a visit to the romantic Ba Be Lake and the briliant Ban Gioc Waterfall.

As a sneak-peek, Ba Be Lake is a gem born in the heart of Ba Be National Park. The lake is considered to be the biggest natural lake in Vietnam. Long gaining fame for its poetic attractiveness and charm with a vast array of flora and fauna species, as well as the interesting topography and landscapes such as emerald water, mysterious woods, serene local villages, limestone islands and caves a lot more to be counted.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is proudly listed amongst the top 4 biggest border waterfalls in the world. Are you ready to observe its unique location, gigantic waters and last but not least, its exhilarating appearance? These non-touristy attractions guarantee to grant you a great sense of nature.

Tour code : GED05

Duration : 3 Days - 2 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


Are you down for some hidden attractiveness of Vietnam “off-the-beaten-track” and get rid of tourist traps? Easy! Just jump into this trip and you'll get to admire the poetic sunset and sunrise above Ba Be Lake, explore the idyllic landscape of Phia Oac National Park discovered by the French somewhere in the middle of the 20th century, ruggedly conquer Phia Den Peak located 2000 meters above sea level on the back of a motorbike on the twisty mountainous trails.

Apart from those, freely indulge yourself into the gigantic scene of Ban Gioc Waterfall – the fourth hugest border waterfall worldwide born along the inland border between Vietnam and China. The key value is that all destinations are lesser-visited and still able to preserve their initial beauty over time.

Tour code : GED04

Duration : 5 Days - 4 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


Seeking for an easy and short adventure to an exotic part with indulging landscape? Well! This package is designed just for you - a nature fan who has only 3 days to spare!

Imagine winding through the mountains where the stunning surroundings greet you relentlessly. You are about to step into a "heaven on Earth" where you get to immerse yourself in everything - from the mighty mountains to magical clouds, from fascinating terraced rice fields to isolated native villages.

All these together form an incredible gift of nature. This can be seen as the best cultural trip of your lifetime as well because you will have an opportunity to live a real local life by mingling with the Hmong and Red Yao indigenous villagers, the two most remarkable ethnic groups in the remote Vietnam Northeastern mountains.

Tour code : GED03

Duration : 3 Days - 2 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


Ready for a get-away holiday in a hidden tropical heaven? No more hesitation! Let's take this offer into consideration.

This 3-day trip takes you to the largest natural lake in Vietnam where you can enjoy the fresh air and admire the rusted beauty of Vietnam Northeastern nature, from the woods to the multi-shaped limestone mountains and crystal-like water.

This tour gives you a chance to enjoy variable aqua-related sports, which include boating; swimming; kayaking; fishing and cave discovery.

In addition, feel free to relax by the tranquil lake in the middle of the fresh greenery. Joining the hospitable local Tay people to observe their daily life also gives you the unforgettable experiences that make you attached to this memorable wonderland.

Tour code : GED02

Duration : 3 Days - 2 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery


This is an exploration of an off the beaten track rural paradise going against mass tourism. Picking this itinerary brings you a feeling of being the very first person to set your footsteps on this wonderland as all features still preserve their original attractiveness. This is a chance to admire the enormous Ban Gioc Waterfall and Nguom Ngao Cave. Other than that, cycling in the peaceful nature of Quang Uyen District or mingling in the local life of the Nung tribal minority before visiting the romantic Bac Son valley is how you enjoy this trip to the fullest.

Tour code : GED01

Duration : 5 Days - 4 Nights

Style : Nature & Discovery